The Invasion of the Lifestyle Boxes

IMG_1012It started with Graze.

Little snacks? Four surprise boxes delivered every week?  Healthy-ish? This sounded like heaven from the postman.  I signed up.

It has been really…… nice.  When working full-time, getting something in the post that is for me and edible was just a pleasurable experience. The pretzels and peanut butter, chocolate cookies, flapjacks, it was such a novel thing and pretty reasonably priced. I loved it.

Now, 8 months on, I must admit I do get disappointed with another box of seeds, or heaven forbid more salt and pepper popcorn, but it’s my own fault for not going online to update my preferences. Graze – I don’t blame you. Note to self – go online and bin the popcorn.

Sometimes the boxes start seemingly multiplying on my desk.  The snacks that I don’t quite fancy just sit there, not eaten, but I can’t bring myself to cancel or postpone this piece of post that is a present for me and me alone.

I couldn’t stop there though.  After Graze came the ToucanBox.

This is more for my daughter than me, but it is our ‘thing’, the crafty thing that we do together once every couple of weeks.

As a non-crafty person, these little boxes of individual craft tasks such as making an African bowl, or a windsock, or, would you believe it, a pretend gingerbread house complete with windows is truly amazing.  The best part is that nearly all the materials required come in the box with the instructions and a bit of educational spiel too.  I think it is only scissors that you have to provide – understandable.IMG_1013

I love it when the ToucanBox arrives. On the whole there isn’t much mess and at the end, the craft item is pretty impressive and clever. Both my daughter and I feel accomplished after it has been done and the box can go in the recycling or refuse along with a small amount of surplus crepe paper and a few unused sequins.

For a parent who has limited time to engage in messy play activities and who thinks that a trip to the park is a proper outing, ToucanBox is the way forward.

So, now I’m a bit addicted.

This new rage of boxes containing items of foodstuffs, beauty items, crafts etc. is really taking off.

When you don’t have time to potter around shopping for yourself and online shopping isn’t quite as exciting as it used to be, getting a box through your front door full of surprises is enchanting.

I’ve now signed up to MyLittleBox.  I’m waiting patiently for my first one to be delivered.  Slightly more expensive that the other boxes, but it promises to take me back to my feminine side. I might get a lipstick.  I’m hoping for a mascara. I don’t really care as it is the element of surprise that I love the most.

In the words of Will Smith it is “a little escape from the monotony”.

If you’re short of time, or short of mental capacity, I’d highly recommend these boxes.  Food, Fun or Fashion – I’m sure there is a box suitable for everyone.

Lifestyle boxes are the new #lifestylehack.


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