Parenting poetry – A moment

safety-1316981-640x480Over two years ago, I started writing in my limited spare time.  My daughter was almost 18 months old and for the same reason as my recent venture into blogging, I had something say and I needed an outlet.

At that time, poetry was my solace.  I could express myself differently, showing raw emotion that I sometimes hid and rarely shared.

‘A moment’ was one of my early poems about motherhood.  It goes like this.

As she clutches my arm,
her breathing husky and thick,
I lean my head on hers.

She strokes my soft, comforting sleeve,
nestling her warm, slightly sticky nose into my side.
I pause and gaze at this wonder of mine.I grab a white, fragile, pristine tissue
navigating it towards this quiet, gentle soul.
Picking my moment to disrupt her peace.

As quick as a flash,
the moment has passed.
She wriggles free of this joyous time and runs over to her toys.


Petite Pudding

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Amelia Salisbury

A thirty-something working Mum of one who devotes her spare time to helping other paranoid, worrying, stressed parents who are trying to juggle careers and parenthood.

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