How will I explain this mummy blog banter to my grown-up child?

the-thinker-by-rodin-1233081-639x852Last night, I got thinking.

When my daughter is older, I’m talking a teen, she may well become aware of my site, my tweets and my mummy blog. How am I going to justify this without her feeling like she was a ‘problem child’, one that caused her Mother hurt, anxiety, paranoia, exhaustion.  This could be a problem!

I read blogs and tweets that spend a lot of time complaining about parenthood (me included) and it is really, really, sodding hard.  For us parents, this whole social media and online activity is therapy.  It helps us get through the tough time, which undeniably has been caused by one or more children who we absolutely love with all our hearts.  We worry about them constantly and do everything we can to protect them from harm, but if they had the comprehension to read and understand what we write, how would they feel?

Maybe I’m worrying unnecessarily – I am the paranoid working parent after all.

However, in my day, the challenges of parenting were kept behind closed doors.  I’m sure my Mum only divulged her darkest days to either my Grandparents or very close friends, or even the doctor.  She certainly wasn’t tweeting publicly for all to read.

There isn’t really much in the way of an internet cemetery that means when my daughter turns 13 in 10 years time all trace of my honest, unadulterated views about her and my life will be deleted, cast away like a boat to a deserted island, never to be seen or heard of again.   I can still find stuff about me online from my University days almost 20 years ago – and it’s not pretty.

What will I do?

For now, I will keep this thought.  I will, as time goes on, conjure up a plan about how I will discuss with her my parenting experience and my reasons for going online and explain the difficulties I had, even if it is just to help gear her up for a time when she may want children herself.

We escape from our children will this blogging lark, but one day they will catch up with us, and probably overtake us.  You wait – Kidsnet, kidproblems, unkiddykid, selfishkid, sarcastickid – they’ll burst into view and chances are they’ll write some far more torrid and distressing stuff about us than we do about them!



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2 thoughts on “How will I explain this mummy blog banter to my grown-up child?”

  1. I have had the very same thoughts. I hope my children will not think badly of me, but as you say, sometimes a creative outlet is therapeutic. Can’t wait to read the unkiddykid blog!

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