5 perfect times for list writing

notepad-1192373-639x839I’ve never been one for lists.  I never felt I really needed to use them as I had most things under control.  That was around 4 years  ago.


These days, I most definitely need lists.  I forget the exciting things and the mundane things, what I’ve done at the weekend, what I’m doing the next weekend, you name it, I’m forgetting it. The problem is quite simply this –

I forget to write the lists.

That’s right.  I forget to write the list I’m supposed to write to stop me forgetting stuff.  How does that happen!?

Slowly but surely I’ve begun to realise that the success of my day or week and how much I accomplish is down to whether I have actually managed to spend a few moments writing down a few simple chores, work tasks, errands that I need to do.  Now, after undertaking some serious trend analysis, it appears that I have some ‘favourite’ times or circumstances where I seem to be at my ‘list-writing peak’. Those snippets of time where my brain has enough calm capacity to stand still and think about what I need to do rather than the running around trying to do it.

Here are my top 5 times for list writing.

  1. In the kitchen whilst the kettle is boiling in the morning – I make the morning cuppa and it is peace and quiet. If there is a pen and paper in the kitchen then I find myself able to jot down a few bits that I or my other half need to do.
  2. At my desk after getting coffee but before logging into my laptop – I’m pretty old school. I like proper paper. Before I go into tech mode, I can grab a few moments to write in my day book some tasks – these do tend to be a selection of work tasks intermingled with things like ‘post Mum’s birthday card’ and ‘buy easter eggs’.
  3. pen-1568529-639x631In the shower – This is when I tend to dream up my idea for a telepathic pen and paper that can write down all the things I’m remembering I need to do whilst I’m showering.  I often look at the shower wall and wish there was a waterproof pad and pen so that I can write down my list.  I’ve usually forgotten at least two tasks by the time I’m dried and dressed!
  4. Before bed – I should use this time better, but I find myself too busy checking Twitter and Facebook and then reading my book.  However, on the occasion that I have forced myself to focus on the next day ahead, I have been able to write down lists of food I need to buy, children’s birthday presents, washing that I need to take out the dryer etc.  If it is washing still in the washing machine, I stop the list writing and run downstairs cursing myself at 10:30pm. I HATE it when that happens!
  5. Whilst dinner is cooking – If I’m left alone in the kitchen of an evening when the little ‘un is in bed and the other half is driving around in some pimped up car on Grand Theft Auto, I usually have ten minutes or so to think rather than do.  During this time I grab the pen and paper that I forgot to write on during my morning kettle routine and pick up where I left off.

Where do you write your lists? Let me know. Until then, keeeeeeep writing!


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