About Me

Welcome to my website and thank you for reading!

This site aims to provide a wealth of information, ‘me too’ muses and handy tips for working parents like me who regularly worry that they aren’t getting it right. Contrary to some articles I’ve read in the past, I don’t believe you really can have it all – there are compromises, and a lot of them.  However, by sharing my experiences, hints and ideas, hopefully you will feel empowered and supported to just do your best and feel good about it!

I gave birth to my daughter in 2012 and after 8 months of maternity leave I returned to my full-time Sales role.  There were several reasons for this, money naturally but also that I craved the idea of using my brain again and getting some time back for me, an independent, successful, career-minded woman.

I’m not a perfectly coiffured yummy mummy as much as I’d like to be, I hated making grotesque purees and 100% natural foods for my child, I’m naturally a messy person and generally I’m a scatty thinker rather than a calm, organised, slow and graceful type.

My first day back, I relished the peace and quiet of a desk and a not-quite-fresh coffee from the vending machine. I trawled through emails, chatted with colleagues and was bounding with energy.  I also checked my phone 745 times, half of these gazing at pictures of my bundle of joy – the one I had left at nursery that morning without shedding so much as a small whimper of heart-wrench.

It didn’t take long for things to change, both in my heart and in my mind.  I had not quite realised the impact that being a working parent would have on my own personal confidence both in the office and in the home.  Think you can relate? Have a read of my 10 reasonably subtle signs you’re a paranoid working parent and let me know your thoughts.

My brain is FULL of a combination of useless and useful information ranging from work-related sales strategies, through to what to cook for dinner, how to obtain a work-life balance, and whether I need to buy a new children’s toothpaste.

It is time for me to share some of these spurious views and titbits and by the way, the images on this site are my daughter’s art carefully hand-picked from the many proud pieces I own….she has talent, don’t you think? 😉

I hope you enjoy!


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